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Shortlisted poems: Tradition, Continuity, or Constraint?

Shortlisted poems: Tradition, Continuity, or Constraint?

Daudu Daniel Maidaki – Where do we go?

And the words echo again into this void,

Resounding in this vacuum that was once me,

All I can do is wonder;

Maybe, this is all we were meant to be,

Maybe, this is all there is to be,

Maybe, this is it,

The ultimate test of our beings,

The test of our commitment to this world’s uncertain script.

The words echo again, saying:

Let love lead!


Sophie Monahan – Lean Over, pretty

Run along, pretty
it’s about to get gritty
and your little delicate ears
aren’t made for these terrible leers

so shoo for now
but give us a twirl and a bow
and a smile while you leave
so your presence we shall not grieve

so we can discuss what to do
once we’ve beaten you, black and blue

Jade Owens – Society

Damn-ness and corruption creates our society,

White washed windows and forgotten humanity,

Warehouses with homeless and beggars wishes,

Lying in a drain pipe with rusty moulded dishes,


There our secrets, silent speaking and secret eyes,

Falling away with anguished cries and blue bottle flies,

Bins filled with corpses and rats running riots,

Aeroplane pollution and suicidal pilots,


Famine and depression tell our story book history,

Racism and lynches hanging from oak trees,

Blind eyes, evading evidence for the speaking misery,

Government housing, debt taxes and unpaid fees,
Screaming children running around welfare offices,

Birth control pills hiding in every orifice,

Pus filled welts and over populated hospices,

Gift of delusion, salvage amongst the cureless

Poetry competition shortlisted entries, ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2016.
Category: Tradition, Continuity, or Constraint?

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