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Shortlisted poems: Connections

Shortlisted poems: Connections

Georgi Dimitrov
– My Dearest…
My Dearest…

What you offered straight to me,

With a smile for the last time.

Was just so beautiful,

That I gave way to tears.


Surely, that day,

The two of us touched love.


We sought for each other across the world,

Lost ourselves during the journey.

And found one other amidst the constant whirl,

So the result surprised me.


It’s nothing but,



In the sky you set your gaze upon,

Stars were shining tenderly.

It was a phenomenon,

That our wish came true so instantly.


Stay by my side, my love,

Travelling through space and time.

My love for you cannot be easily gotten rid of,

Keeping me warm during wintertime.

Trust me, my love,

You live within me.

So I will never,

Say good-bye to you.


Surely, that day,

The two of us touched love.



Annukka Junni – Slate
This is not a love song

But I think I’ll never let you go

Baby, I’m too a piece of slate washed ashore

I am grey, I am pale

The coy mountains outside sigh that the rain’s the same as anywhere else


The wind chastises, caresses, cages

Does it hurt or does it not?

Coal in his curious eyes

He tried to rip my hair

But I tie my hair in a knot

And we collide



Oh, all the hills I’d run for you

I might be magma and you snow

Don’t deny it, just drive


Baby, we connect


Poetry competition shortlisted entries, ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2016.
Category: Connections.

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