All ESRC IAA-funded projects – Bangor University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

All ESRC IAA-funded projects

All ESRC IAA-funded projects

ESRC IAA Impact Project Grant / Grant Prosiect Effaith

Development of a web-based resource for the assessment of language skills in English and Welsh-speaking adults with neurological deficits
Dr. Marie-Josephe Tainturier, School of Psychology

Co-Design of an Alcohol Retraining Game for Teenagers
Prof. James Intriligator, School of Psychology

Implementation of the British Early Special Schools Teaching (BESST) model in maintained special needs schools
Dr. Marguerite Hoerger, School of Education

A Food Manifesto: Using Values to Inform Governance and Policy
Dr. Sophie Wynne-Jones, School of Environment, Resources and Geography

A Feasibility Project to Develop the First Mindfulness Training Framework for Exercise Referral Practitioners to Implement Mindful Exercise During Exercise Referral Classes
Dr. Anthony Blanchfield, School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science

Supporting Implementation of Mindfulness into Welsh Schools to Enhance Well-being of Teachers and Pupils
Dr. Dusana Dorjee, Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, School of Psychology

Hidden Rivers from A to B
Dr. Zoe Skoulding, School of English Literature

Cultivating Local Well-Being: Struggling for Authentic and Sustainable Social Innovation
Dr Koen Bartels, Bangor Business School

Co-production of bilingual Dynamic Dudes exercise videos for primary schools in Wales
Prof Pauline Horne, School of Psychology

Who owns energy? A community renewables educative package for secondary schools in Wales
Prof Morag MacDonald, School of Environment, Natural Resources, and Geography

‘CORNELI BACH Y DRE’ / ‘CAERNARFON’S HIDDEN CORNERS’ – Creating the literary tourist: a bilingual mobile app
Prof Angharad Price, School of Welsh


ESRC IAA Knowledge Exchange Fellowships / Cymrodoriaeth Cyfnewid Gwybodaeth

A Living Language: a Language for Living
Dr. Rhian Hodges, School of Social Sciences

Supporting Innovation and Learning in North Wales Police
Dr. Clair Doloriert, Bangor Business School


ESRC IAA Community Outreach Fellowships (PhD student-led) / Cymrodoriaeth Allgymorth Cymunedol (o dan arweiniad Myfyrwyr PhD)

Handwriting Difficulties Among Children with Markers of Dyslexia and/or DCD: What We Know and What We Can Do
Dr Marketa Caravolas, School of Psychology
Mr Cameron Downing, School of Psychology

Childhood Bilingualism in Complementary Schools
Dr Eirini Sanoudaki, School of English Language and Linguistics
Miss Athanasia Papstergiou, School of English Language and Linguistics

Helping Churches Become Dementia-Friendly
Prof Bob Woods, School of Healthcare Sciences
Rev Robert Friedrich, School of Healthcare Sciences


ESRC IAA Creative Practitioner-in-Residence / Ymarferydd Creadigol Preswyl

Kingdom of the Plastic Protista
Prof David Thomas, School of Ocean Sciences
Miss Jane Evans, Artist

ESRC IAA Collaboration and Partnership Grant / Grant Cydweithredu a phartneriaeth

The Future of Reading: Digital Books and Digital Narratives, from Publisher to Reader
Dr Lyle Skains, School of Creative Studies and Media

Prof Nathan Abrams, School of Creative Studies and Media

Dissemination Conference on the KiVa Bullying Prevention Programme
Dr Judy Hutchings, School of Psychology

Welsh Labour Market Summit
Dr Alex Plows, School of Social Sciences

Bangor’s Hidden River: Poetry and Urban Space
Dr Zoe Skoulding, School of English

Innovative Encounters in Local Governance: Comparing New Ways of Working in and with Communities in the UK and the Netherlands
Dr Koen Bartels, Bangor Business School

CAMHS in Wales: A Human Rights Based Approach
Dr Yvonne McDermott-Rees, School of Law

Political Intelligence Elites: Scoping to achieve better public accountability
Prof Vian Bakir, School of Creative Studies and Media

Mapping Food Poverty Experiences
Dr Eifiona Lane Thomas, School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography

Preparation meetings with East African Community (EAC) diplomats for alternatives to the ‘Used Textiles and Leather Products’ Trade’ law
Dr Einir Young, Sustainability Lab

ESRC IAA Global Challenges Research Fund Grants / Cronfa Ymchwil Sialensiau Byd-eang

Engaging Coral Reef Diving Representatives within the Philippines to reduce impact and benefit local communities
Dr Ronan Roche, School of Ocean Sciences

Raising awareness of better rooting rice for drought prone Eastern India
Dr Katherine Steele, School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography

Visit to the East African Community (EAC) countries to discuss innovative alternatives to their recently passed directive to phase out ‘Used Textiles and Leather Products’ Trade’ in the EAC by 2019
Dr Einir Young, Sustainability Lab

Children Displaced Across Borders
Dr Yvonne McDermott-Rees, School of Law

Planning for responsible tourism development in the UNESCO Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve
Dr Shaun Russell, Treborth Botanic Gardens

Training the Trainers: improving public awareness of snakebite risk and management in India
Dr Anita Maholtra, School of Biological Sciences

ESRC IAA National Assembly for Wales Knowledge Exchange Fellowships / Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru Cymrodoriaeth Cyfnewid Gwybodaeth

Developing a world-class dementia strategy for Wales in partnership with the National Assembly for Wales
Dr Catrin Hedd Jones, School of Healthcare Sciences

The North Wales Economy: A Scoping Study
Dr Alex Plows, School of Social Sciences

ESRC IAA BREXIT/ISCF Knowledge Exchange Grants / BREXIT/ISCF Cyfnewid Gwybodaeth

Procuring a Connected Living: The Internet of Things / BREXIT – Rewriting the Procurement Playbook
Prof Dermot Cahill, Bangor Business School

The implications of BREXIT on European migrants and their employers
Dr Robin Mann, School of Social Sciences

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