Mechanical Generation by Rosalyn Georgia Blow

A Mechanical Generation

By Rosalyn Georgia Blow

‘I wrote this poem in response to the lack of sympathy given to those who have mental health issues and the frustration that this brings, and what it is like to have a brother with ASD and knowing the lack of investment in his life.’


What is wrong with man?

If they be called such a thing.

Where be their hearts?

Are they all just machines?

All machines programmed only on self-interest.

Our trust misinvested.

Nothing as it seems.

Lie. Cheat. Deceive.

Are they all just machines?

Where be their conscience?

They do not live in machines.

Promised changes unseen.

Pretences. Defences.

Always the same.

They are machines and I am insane.


Poetry competition winner, ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2016.
Category: My Life Today (14-18 age range).

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